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More info coming on Harper our new Female for 2020





Lowa & Harper & Ryley come from a nice line of  champion competition herding dogs.  Their herding instinct are remarkable. We love going on our adventures and look forward to Harper joining in our future fun  Our Aussidoodles also have the same wonderful instincts their mom's have.  

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Our new little girl Ryley, watch for her adventures too!

 I wanted an Australian Shepherd that still had a tail. I love tails on dogs, they show so much expression. Since it was not my intention to show or have my dogs as working dogs, I saw no reason to insist on having a dog with a docked tail. Look at what we are missing, her tail is beautiful! We do not dock our Aussiedoodle tails. They are beautiful and I love to see the wagging tail on the Aussiedoodle puppies

(see the link below for cool info about the history of tail docking)


Lowa is the lover of our dogs. She is always in tune to your feelings and she really loves to be 1st in  line for pets. In the past year we have really seen her thrive in her retrieving and water skills. When we are on the hikes she is the first one to keep us all together, Her herding skills are amazing. We love that these natural traits of her breed will come through to her puppies. Lowa is such an amazing mother. 

Harper loves her big sister Lowa. She greets her every morning like she has not seen her for a week. Harper is a pleaser and loves to express her love, She is so obedient and want to work so hard for you. We love her and love watching her grow into a beautiful Aussie


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