Having puppies  go to their homes. 

It is hard to have these cute little fluffy family members leave our home. When they our gone our home feels empty despite the 3 dogs we have. Puppies bring laughter, joy and plain fun when your are raising them X's 5. We find ourselves saying things like did you see that he walked, look at him jump, grab the camera quick. All the things that were said when raising our little ones, who are now all raising their little ones.

The redeeming feeling of all of it is watching our owners grinning ear to ear and can't quit giggling when she came to pick her puppy up. Having 2 of our puppies going to one home together and the day they were picked up, that family was soon to face a loss with a loved one and seeing the love and joy those puppies are going to give and to comfort a family during a hard time, warmed my heart. To see one of our puppies going to a family who have been patiently waiting for the Christmas present to arrive and now that she was 8 weeks could show up and say Merry Christmas,

a family that saved and saved for just the perfect pet. It is those kind of things that make the absence of my puppies warm my heart and know they are getting and sharing all the love they have.

Thank you puppy families. I love you and thank you for the care you give our puppies.


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