Does Fine and Dandy have any puppies available?

To see if we have any current litters, go to the Our Dogs page. From there you can access all the information on current and upcoming litters.


Most puppies have already been spoken for by others who have been on the waiting list.  If you are interested in jumping on the waiting list for a future litter, read on to the next question.

How much are Fine and Dandy puppies?

The 2021 Price List is from $3,500 depending on coat and eye color. Puppies with one or two blue eyes may be higher priced.

We take great care in studying genetics and choose to breed the best Australian Shepherds and Poodles to produce beautiful, healthy puppies who are smart, fun, and well-rounded. 

When you receive your puppy he or she has had 8 weeks of constant human contact. He (or she) will also already have their first set of puppy shots, including an additional parvo shot, and will be microchipped. 

In addition, he's had daily physical therapy for healthy movement and for proper socialization. During this time he's had a special high-quality dog food, along with mama's milk, to support strong bones and muscles. We recommended continuing to feed them the same food from Life's Abundance.  

How Do I Get On The Waiting List?

First, look at the Upcoming Litters page to see where the open spots are and get an idea of what litter you'd like. Then, fill out the Puppy Application.


Once it's submitted and we read through it, we'll set up a phone call to chat about the puppy and your home. Then, we'll send the procedures for you to sign, you'll leave your deposit, and officially choose your preferred mom and be added to the list.

You'll receive a copy of the procedures and a receipt of your deposit for your records. 

Why do pups with blue eyes cost more?

It has a lot to do with genetics and breeding stock. Simply put, it's difficult to achieve dogs with blue eyes when breeding, which makes it more rare. We're proud of all our pups and are excited to see what the eye color is when the puppies have grown into their adult eye colors. 

There is no way to tell what the eye color truly is until the pup is about six months old; however, if at six weeks the pup has sky blue or ice blue eyes, they usually keep a blue eye. Aussies with their variety of coat and eye colors are always full of surprises!

How Much is the Deposit to be Placed on the Waiting List?

The deposit amount is $500. This secures you a place on the waiting list, and it is refundable until your  puppy reaches the age of two-weeks-old.

After the pup is two-weeks-old, the deposit is no longer refundable, however it can be transferred to another litter, if for some reason you aren't ready for the puppy at that time.

What is the "Rover" Wait List Position?

The Rover is like a fast pass to getting one of our Aussiedoodle puppies. But, anyone in that position must be flexible on the choice of mama dog and the choice of puppy.

The rover will place a deposit like everyone else, but will be plugged into a litter if someone on that particular wait list can't follow through for whatever reason.


For example, sometimes we have folks leave deposits on multiple dogs because they can't decide which mama they'd prefer. When this happens, a position will open in one of the litters. Another example is if Puppy Pick #3 moves to a different litter or can't get a puppy at that time, the rover will move to that litter. 

You can only be placed in the rover position once.