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My Pic and Bio coming son
Our  Stud

Buster Brown 

Coat Color:  Brown and White (Liver and White)

Favorite Treat: Marrow bone
Favorite Toy:  Marrow bone
Favorite Activity:  Jumping from rock to rock
Favorite Place:  Any big rock outside

cute moyen poodle
moyen poodle with bandana
We Are
Fine & Dandy

Buster Brown will make his debut in 2024!


This fellow is a beautiful shade of brown, loves being spoiled, and demands attention.


Known to have a case of FOMO (fear of missing out), he feels he should always get the same attention as everyone else. He also wants to do all the things all the time.


Buster Brown is a man’s man, not getting pushed around or taking guff from other dogs. We can’t wait to see what this snuggly sweetie pie brings to our puppy program! 

Our poodle Nixon
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