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Fine and Dandy Nutrition

Our Fine and Dandy Dogs our on a diet of KINETIC DOG FOOD


No Fillers, No Games.

At Kinetic, we prioritize delivering more nutrients with less volume – good for both your dog and your wallet. Years were spent with the best breeders, kennels, trainers, and nutritionists in the world developing, testing, and refining the Kinetic formulas. The sole purpose was to provide the most concentrated, digestible, and absorbable nutrition to help dogs live their best life.


To learn more about dog food regulation  that is defined by Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). In fact. Be an informed pet parent and learn more by research the pet food standards.




The Kinetic Puppy 28K formula is a nutrient dense performance dog food formula intended to support healthy and controlled growth for medium or large breed puppies. It has elevated levels of DHA for healthy heart, and brain development. This formula is also suitable for pregnant or lactating females. All to help maintain a healthy, happy pup!

mini aussie doodle puppy
One Fine & Dandy Way to Keep your Pet Healthy 
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