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Bedside Manner and a New Puppy

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Imagine being an 8-week old puppy and being taken to a completely different place with completely different people and animals. The transition could be kinda rough until he or she realized they were cared for and loved, right? Not having their littermates takes a bit of getting used to!

Well, here’s what happened with one of Harper’s babies in her new home. The puppy’s first couple of nights went well but on the third night, she began crying and yelping. The new puppy parents lay awake in bed listening to this pitiful crying. Their hearts went out to the pup, but they also wanted to have a restful night to be fresh for work the next day.

The dad, who happens to be a doctor, decided to go into the puppy’s room and sit with her next to the crate. What the good doctor didn’t know was that his wife also got up and made her way to the puppy. But, she stopped short when she heard her husband talking to the distressed pup in a calm, reassuring voice.

He told the puppy all about their lives. He talked about their beloved dog who had passed away and how sad they had been. He talked about how great of a life she would have with them, and the puppy fell fast asleep. The wife was very touched she was able to witness the gentle bedside manner of her husband.

The pair went to bed, and the puppy stayed asleep until four in the morning. This time the wife got up to take the puppy outside. Once back in the crate, the pup started crying again. It would have been very easy to get frustrated, but the new puppy mom thought of the example her husband set. So, she decided to hum a couple of songs. Again, the little puppy fell fast asleep and slept until it was time to get up.

Both the husband and wife said it was a great experience, one they are happy to have shared with each other and their new puppy.

Sometimes all we need, whether human or canine, is a little patience and kindness. A kind word goes a long, long way, and now, this puppy knows she is right where she belongs.

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