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Puppies, Pumpkin Spice, and Everything Nice

Brown Aussiedoodle in North Carolina

It’s puppy season here at Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles! Not only do we get to celebrate and enjoy the crisp fall weather, apples, and pumpkin spice, but we get to revel in all things puppy. The cute little grunts they make, their sweet little faces, tummies full of milk, and, yes, puppy breath!

Right now we’ve got two litters of puppies. Harper had a big litter of 8 puppies on October 21, and Cedar had her 5 sweet babies on September 18.

That’s a lot of big, healthy pups. To help Harper, Cedar, and the other momma dogs, during their birthing week, we pamper them and help them relax by giving them spa-like treatment with warm baths and "manicures." We also get their whelping nest ready so they don’t have to stress over it.

Black Aussiedoodle in North Carolina

You see, many times momma dogs will become very restless and erratic, even tearing up items in order to make a comfy nesting area to give birth. So, to spare our mommas the stress and worry, we prepare a special spot just for them and introduce it to them ahead of time. Our girls trust us implicitly, and we have never missed a birth. We are right there with them all night, however long it takes, making sure everyone is safe and as comfortable as possible.

Cedar’s pups, our formal wear tuxedo puppies, are almost ready to go home. They are big enough now to begin meeting some of the other dogs. Introductions are done slowly, and we follow mamma’s lead on which dogs to let meet the puppies. For instance, Cedar feels comfortable at this point in time letting Nixon, Miles, and Maddy be around her babies.

Baby Aussiedoodle in North Carolina

As time goes by, she’ll signal she is ready for more of the group to meet them. Eventually, the pack, or most of the pack, will be together and operate more like a co-op where the older dogs teach and keep an eye on the young ones. It is really very cool to watch!

We feel this “it takes a village” type approach to raising Fine and Dandy puppies prepares the pups to be well-rounded members of the household. Between this stable, on-property, family environment, socialization, imprinting, our care, and the puppy therapies we do, Fine and Dandy puppies are equipped, capable, and happy to be your family’s new best friend!

Playing with Aussiedoodle in north carolina

Speaking of “on-property,” we’ve had a host of contractors here to work on all sorts of projects. Playhouses, whelping houses, air conditioning, flooring, nanny cameras, and more! We can’t wait to give everyone a tour once it is all finished. We really have spared no expense in making sure our Fine and Dandy dogs and puppies have the most comfortable and safe spaces to lounge and play. It’s all so nice that more than a couple of the contractors have said they’d like to live there too. That’s a great feeling! We believe a quality lifestyle develops quality dogs.

Stay tuned for puppy updates, property tours, and blog posts in the coming weeks and months. We love sharing this amazing, rewarding journey with you all!

Black aussiedoodle sleeping in North Carolina

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