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When Can I Take My Puppy Home?

Generally, the earliest you can get your pup is eight weeks old.

Typically, the earliest age puppies, or kittens, for that matter, can be taken away from their mothers is eight weeks old. Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles stands by that standard and works with the pups using various behavior therapies during that time to help shape them into the fantastic dogs they'll become.

If you buy a Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodle, they'll be ready for pickup at eight weeks old. Stability in those first eight weeks of their lives is critical. In that time, they're getting love and care in my home, with their mother and littermates. Those eight weeks also give me time to get your puppy critical foundational medical care through close monitoring from my trusted veterinarian, which will make your journey with the pup smoother in the future. Your puppy will come to you with a microchip, dewclaws removed, initial vaccinations, and dewormed.

If a puppy older than eight weeks happens to be available, the only difference is that there's a chance they'll take a little longer to bond to you, after having spent longer than usual in my home and with me and my dogs and our routine. The plus side is that the pup is more likely to be housebroken, more socialized, and more trained. I teach them some basics, like being comfortable going through a doggy door. The pups know how to do this by eight weeks, but if you do come to me for an older dog, there's the added benefit of them having had a bit more time to work on these things.

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