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To date, our specially bred Mini Aussiedoodles call Ohio, Massachusets, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, Tennessee, New York Washington DC, and all parts of California home - just to name a few. More sweet pups will stake their claim on more states and cities as folks on the puppy waiting list receive their new family members.

In July of 2021, we relocated to western North Carolina to the town of Canton. This sweet little mountainside town, which is also known as the community of Bethel, is just a 10-minute drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway, putting

Asheville, North Carolina a quick half-hour away.


Additionally, with Knoxville, Tennessee being less than two hours away, we're conveniently located on the east coast. We're thrilled the Great Smokey Mountain National Park is only 45 minutes away! 


The decision to move wasn't an easy one as we have loved our time in Henderson, Nevada, and the Las Vegas area. We made many dear friends and were able to share our Aussiedoodles with many folks in the western United States. We love our west coast people!


As our business and our breeding program grew, we also outgrew our house and yard. We live for our dogs and strive to have them happy and healthy, and they needed to be able to run and exercise a lot more than our yard and the Nevada climate would allow. So, now here we are on the east coast!

When I know my dogs are the center of attention and become beloved family members, I feel I have done my job correctly. Breeding two of the smartest dogs together, an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, creates an excellent, well-rounded companion who can indeed do it all—while looking great too! The responsibility of matching each pup to an approved family is an honor and a responsibility we don't take lightly.

People and families interested in one of our pups undergo an application process based on many factors, including home environment, level of commitment, family budget, experience with dogs, and more. We know having a fur-kid can impact the pocketbook, and sometimes life throws us curveballs, so please know we can talk about what you're going through and see if anything can be done to help. We also enjoy meeting prospective pet-parents, whether in person, online or over the phone.

Interested in learning more? Follow @fineanddandyaussiedoodles on Instagram to see our pups and watch videos with training tips, care tips, hikes, and other adventures. When you and your family are ready for an Aussidoodle, please contact me with any questions.



Here is what our puppy parents are saying about their experience with Fine and Dandy Mini Aussiedoodles

When we tell Kaylie to sit, she asks, "Where?" What a wonderful puppy we have found because of you, Laney, and your husband. Thank you for all the time, cuddles, and love you have given these puppies. Our vet and future dog trainer could not be more complimentary. We are so grateful to have found such a wonderful little girl.

Susan and Kevin

We feel so lucky to have found Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles! From the very beginning, Laney was warm, welcoming, and informative! We knew we were in the right place to find an addition to our family. Once we chose our pup, we immediately felt connected to him through all the updates, pictures, and videos that were available. It was clear to tell that the puppies were being loved and spoiled. On the day we brought our fur baby home, Laney shared lots of “puppy” tips and gave us a bag full of goodies to make the transition easier. We are very grateful for the experience and that we are part of the Fine and Dandy Family!



Staci W


My husband and I stumbled upon Aussiedoodles and fell in love with the breed. We found out that Fine & Dandy Aussiedoodles was local to us and didn't have an overly complicated waitlist/deposit process. The application process was really simple and after a call, Laney invited me to come to meet the previous litter to decide if this was the right fit.


I was able to go see our future dog mama, play with the 8-week old puppies, and ask questions about the process and the breed. Brad & Laney were very helpful and knowledgeable throughout. When the puppies were born we were able to visit the litter, and she sent photos of them each week. We were so thrilled to receive updates. We went in person to visit the litter at 4 weeks and let our Aussiedoodle pick us.


From there on out, we received updates about our puppy and funny stories about her personality as she grew. She was exposed to various things that made for a smooth transition to our home - water and bath times, handling her paws, face, ears, different noises, other dogs, people, etc. She was even exposed to exercises that helped develop her ear canals so that when we drive with her, she doesn't get car sickness. Fine & Dandy also had a doggie door and kennel, so she was very familiar with both of those things.


We took her home at 8 weeks with her first round of vaccinations, de-wormed, and with a microchip. House training took a matter of weeks before she was taking herself outside, or alerting us when she needed to go. We knew she had been cared for and had a loving environment with Fine and Dandy!


After we took her home, we were still able to call and text to ask questions and get advice from Laney. I love that Fine & Dandy has a video series on Instagram with useful information like cowboy baths or hiking 101. The dogs at Fine & Dandy have amazing personalities and my husband and I argue over which mama we want to get our next Aussiedoodle from - it's hard to choose, they are all beautiful and have great temperaments! 

Marcie L


Australian Shepherd Running
Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles on a hike