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Where We Are Located



Canton NC 30 Mile Southeast  of Tennessee



Nestled in the Southern Appalachian  Mountains 



Near Great Smokey Mountains National Park



30 minute West of Asheville NC


Hi! Laney here to tell you a bit more about Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles.

My husband and I decided to leave our overly busy lives in Nevada for a simpler lifestyle where we could focus on our Fine and Dandy breeding program. 

This new, more peaceful life found us in the mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville. We live on the banks of the Pigeon River, where we chose to lay our roots and build a Fine and Dandy lifestyle for ourselves and our Mini-Australian Shepherds, Moyen Poodles and Mini Aussiedoodles.


Black Tri


Red (Brown) Bi


Red (Brown) Tri

Understanding The 
AussieDoodle Coats

The striking coat patterns and colors of Australian Shepherds seem to draw folks in like bees to honey. Colors range from black to red to grey (called "blue" in the dog world) with black or red mottling called "merle."


The black and red coat combinations have names like Black Tri, Black Bi, Red Tri, Red Bi. And, the merles are most commonly known as either Blue Merle or Red Merle. "Tri" means the dog has three colors, while "Bi" means the pup sports two colors.


Have you noticed some Aussies have a red nose and lips while others have a black nose and lips? The black or red pigment of the nose, lips, and eye rims depends on the coat's color. Red coats have red noses, while blue and black coats have black noses.

We've done a great deal of research into the genetics of our dogs to produce the healthiest, most beautiful Doodle pups. Knowledgeable breeders can broadly plan a litter of puppies who will tend to look a certain way. Did you know? A red dog bred with another red dog will usually make red puppies; however, a black dog may have either black or red puppies if it carries the red gene.


Red Merle


Blue Merle


Black Bi

Looking To Become Part of The Fine And Dandy AussieDoodle Family

Get all the info on our dogs and upcoming breedings.

Our litters tend to sell out quickly, so stake your claim on a sweet puppy as soon as possible by filling out the Puppy Application and the Policies forms to be approved. Then, we'll chat and you can place your security deposit on your desired mom and litter. Don't worry, it's easy! Once you start the process, you'll receive an email about the next step.

Have fun exploring the website and looking at photos! 
Please let us know of any questions you may have.
Feel free to call Laney at 623-521-2334 (eastern time zone).


When we do have puppies we post them and their lifestyle events here at Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles a few times a week on our INSTAGRAM account. You do not need to have an account, to view just click he word "Instagram"
above " or you can also click "SEE PUPPIES button and you will be taken to our available puppies page

Come on in and learn more about
Fine and Dandy puppy ownership.
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APPLY NOW. Click here to review our application and forms page


A little piece of Heaven, 
nestled in the mountains

A peaceful Life in the Mountains

Brad owned and ran a landscaping business for forty years doing hard labor in the intense heat. I worked for over 20 years in Real Estate and ran my own bookkeeping company. 


While we loved our lives in the western United States, we also dreamed of cultivating the land, growing vegetables and flowers, planting trees, and even having bees. Brad and I researched all sorts of hobby farming possibilities. We also began a small hobby breeding program for Mini Aussiedoodles. Unfortunately, the Nevada climate proved tough on the dogs and us, and it was time to find trails and paths for our dogs to play.


So, when an opportunity to jump toward that dream arose, we knew the time was right for a change of pace! 


We knew we wanted to invest in our dogs and launch our farm, so we found a beautiful property in the Appalachian Mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The climate is such that we all can be much more active throughout the entire year, whether running our fields, swimming, or hiking. We have much more freedom and space to raise beautiful puppies and dogs, giving them the high-quality life they deserve! Plus, Brad and I get to slow down, embrace an enriching mountain lifestyle, and enjoy life to its fullest!

Our Poodle Nixon
What are People Saying About us?

“We couldn't be more pleased working with Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles.  The facilities are incredible and were very well kept - a truly impressive setup.”


“Laney has been fantastic to work with. She's been very helpful and responsive to our questions.  She took lots of time with us, listened to our story, then helped us pick the right puppy for our home.” 


“We were so impressed with the obvious time, effort, and love that they put into raising and socializing the puppies. All the dogs were obviously happy, well cared for, and loved.”


“ What a wonderful puppy we have found because of you, Laney, and your husband. Thank you for all the time, cuddles, and love you have given these puppies.”


“We feel so lucky to have found Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles! From the very beginning, Laney was warm, welcoming, and informative!”


“Once we chose our pup, we immediately felt connected to him through all the updates, pictures, and videos that were available. It was clear to tell that the puppies were being loved and spoiled.”


“On the day we brought our fur baby home, Laney shared lots of “puppy” tips and gave us a bag full of goodies to make the transition easier. We are very grateful for the experience and that we are part of the Fine and Dandy Family!”


“After we took her home, we were still able to call and text to ask questions and get advice from Laney. I love that Fine & Dandy has a video series on Instagram with useful information like cowboy baths or hiking 101.”

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