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How do I get one of your puppies?

Check out our Dog Scoop page to learn about the process of owning one of our amazing puppies.

We'll talk about puppy availability, how to get on the waiting list, deposit amount, current prices, and more. Get the scoop here.

What in the world

do I feed my Aussiedoodle?

This can be a tough question! The simple answer is that your Aussiedoodle needs a balanced diet consisting of protein, carbs, and fat. 


Just because a brand of food has trendy words and graphics on the bag and calls itself high-quality and balanced doesn't mean it is. But nor should you buy the cheap, generic stuff on the shelf at your local supermarket that doesn't promise any of that (see Beneful, Kibbles' N Bits, Iams, Purina Dog Chow, and Pedigree, to name a few).


There's no one-size-fits-all for your Aussiedoodle's daily diet. Do your research and consult your vet for their recommendations. Our approved dog food brands currently include Life's Abundance (All Life Stages), Solid Gold (Hund-N-Flocken is great but any flavor except salmon is good), and Kinetic Performance (Power 30k).  


Learn more here about our thoughts on food and grain-free diets. Be sure to try out the yummy recipes!

When can I take my puppy home?

Generally, the earliest you can get your pup is eight weeks old.


Typically, the earliest age puppies, or kittens, for that matter, can be taken away from their mothers is eight weeks old. Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles stands by that standard and works with the pups using various behavior therapies during that time to help shape them into the fantastic dogs they'll become.

Learn more about the first eight weeks of life here.

Will my Aussiedoodle be overly alert and watchful?

Probably not!


With an Aussiedoodle, you're not likely to see the on-alert and safeguarding traits of a purebred Australian Shepherd. The cuddly, affectionate poodle genes round that out nicely in an Aussiedoodle. 

A lot of your dog’s behaviors and personality will depend on his environment and how he is raised, especially the first few months of his life.


Read about imprinting and socializing here. 

What’s Fine and Dandy’s take on spay and neuter?

We believe in spaying and neutering.


Due to significant health reasons for any future puppies, we do require you to sign a contract saying you will have your Fine and Dandy pup spayed or neutered at a safe time as determined by you and your vet. It’s all about genetics.


Read more about our take on spay and neuter here.

Is there any specific way you suggest

I train my Aussiedoodle?

Training and structure are the best gifts you can give your dog.


Invest in your dog's training and follow-through. If you don't follow through, neither will your dog.


Structure and discipline in your home and in your puppy's life will be the foundation from which your bond, and their quality of life, will flourish.
Learn more about suggested training for your pup, and your family, here.

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