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Happy New Year!

Here's to an amazing 2021!

Let's ring in an awesome 2022 together!

Cute Christmas Mini Aussiedoodle

The year 2021 proved to be a whirlwind complete with moving across the nation, from Nevada to North Carolina, creating our new dog and puppy estate in Canton, and having a bumper crop of wonderful, healthy puppies to finish the year out right!

It's true this past year saw many dreams come true, even in the midst of the pandemic. One dream was to grow our Find and Dandy Puppy Families! See the precious video above and scroll down to see just a few of the happy families with their beloved Mini Aussiedoodles! :-) Seeing all the smiling faces and full, loving hearts really makes our day!

Our adult dogs enjoyed about 300 river swim days and about as many field days, running to their heart's content and playing in their giant playhouse. What a life!

I'm grateful for my husband, Brad, and our team of various pet helpers. They are who make the Fine and Dandy life so great and successful.

I'd also like to say thank you to our washing machine as we washed over 1,000 loads of doggie blankets throughout the year!!

We've already got big plans for 2022, and we can't wait to see our dreams, and your puppy dreams, come true. We're excited to report that two gorgeous Poodles will be brought into our home and our breeding program! We are so excited to see what these amazing, brilliant dogs bring to our already stellar puppy program.

If you have any questions or a topic you'd like us to do a video or a blog on, always feel free to send me a message. We want to provide content and information that you want to see! Follow our Instagram here or here to stay up to date on the latest photos and videos.

Thank you to you all and Happy New Year!

Mini Aussiedoodles with families in North Carolina

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