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January: It's a Wrap!

As this first month into 2022 comes to a close, let's reflect on what we've been up to the past four weeks!

Photoshoot: We had such an awesome time photographing our puppies and adult dogs. Who knew we had such a photogenic crew? Well, we all did, amiright? ;-)


Uniting puppies with their forever families: We love puppy pick-up time because we get to see the happiness first-hand. It's such a sweet, special time.


SNOW! A winter storm blanketed the property with beautiful, sparkling snow. The dogs absolutely loved playing in it! Here is a video of the calm early one morning.


Training Videos: Amber, my assistant, and I filmed several videos on crate training, box or place training, bathtime tips, and even airline tips. Check out our Instagram feed for all of our awesome videos!


Information Sharing: Did you know that dogs could get the flu? Check out this article from the AKC about Dogs and the Flu.


We know these last couple of days of January will be as full and satisfying as the rest, and we're ready for a blessed February! What all were you up to this January? Comment below!

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