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Ms. Lowa is Looking for a Home

The time has come for my first Fine and Dandy Mini Australian Shepherd momma to retire.

People always ask, "how do you part with those cute little puppies." And, it is hard, but what really breaks my heart in two is parting with one of my girls.

Lowa was my first FADA Aussie. We have been on so many adventures -- she is my family. I love her so.

She has been a wonderful companion and taught me so many things. She's done her job well and now deserves to be pampered and loved on by a family, where she'd prefer to be the only dog. I retire my girls early so they can live out the rest of their long lives being the healthiest, happiest version of themselves!

Ms. Lowa is five years old, weighs 28 pounds, and has been the alpha dog of our pack. This sweet, smart lady loves to hike and play in the water so she would love active pawrents to go on adventures with. :-)

I want to see that she is placed in a forever home and lives her very best life. I will only place her where I know she'll have a quality lifestyle. Please email me ( or message me on Instagram for more details.

Local pickup only.

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