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Strike a Pose: Indoor Photoshooting Tips

If you’ve been following us here at Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles, you’ve probably noticed that we love taking adorable photos of our dogs!

Y’all. I love taking photos outside in nature, but sometimes nature doesn’t cooperate. So, we have an indoor area where we take many of our indoor photos. Below are some tips to get that perfect puppy picture! Watch a video about it here.

The Set

Elements you’ll need to create your vision are a backdrop, various props, and lighting.

A backdrop could be as simple as hanging up a solid color sheet or curtain or buying a backdrop from Amazon (like these).

Some of my favorite props are my Red Rider Wagon, an antique washtub, and an antique scale. I’ll also often use baskets or buckets, or suitcases. A bathmat can be a great idea too. Look for solid colors or patterns that aren’t too busy, like stripes or checked.

I’m not a huge fan of fake flowers, but I will use fresh ones if I have some handy. And I’m a sucker for a dog in glasses! It’s just so fun!

Lately, I’ve been using headbands with flowers for my girls and bowties for the fellas. The trick to getting a headband to stay on? Put the band behind one ear and in front of the other!

For props, it’s important not to use something so big it swallows your pup or something so small your puppy looks like a giant. This can take some experimentation! That’s why I’m always looking for props of various sizes.

Lighting can make or break a great photo. Natural light from a window or artificial light from lamps, etc, are all great. We want to position our set in relation to the light so that the wonderful colors of their coat and eyes really pop!

The Camera

There is no need for fancy, expensive camera equipment. Many cell phones have great cameras now. These smart devices take great-quality photos and have many lenses and features for editing. I don’t use filters on mine because I want to represent the dogs as naturally as possible.


When beginning the photo shoot, have everything -- the set and the camera -- ready. Bring in your dog and calmly set them in the prop, and allow just a bit of time for them to settle down, trust, and feel as comfortable as possible. For instance, some props make noise or move. If that worries your dog, love on them until they’re more used to it. Then, quickly start snapping those photos. Try it from all different angles -- from down low, straight on, up high, from the side, etc. Use your voice or squeaky toys to get their attention. On a side note, when taking action shots, try to take the photo straight on, from your pup’s level, rather than from up high.

Take close-ups, stand back, and take the full set. Feel free to experiment here! Don't feel like you have to center the photo perfectly. Some of the best shots are not centered, and you can often crop them to be more centered if you’d like during the editing process.

Guess how long all that takes? Forty-five seconds! Yep. Keep the actually photo-taking to 45 seconds at a time. Take as many shots as you can in that short time frame. If you aren’t able to get the shot you’re hoping for. Stop, take a break, snuggle, and try again in about five minutes.

Keep it fun, relaxed, and short! If you try it, share some of the photos with us. Also, let us know of any questions you may have.

Here’s to a happy photoshoot 🙂

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