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The Top 8 Tips for a Positive Pet Buying Experience

cute white and grey aussiedoodle in north carolina

The old adage about good things come to those who wait is certainly true when it comes to folks waiting months, or even a year, for their special puppy! Here are the top 8 tips for a positive pet buying experience.

  1. Planning ahead can improve the puppy buying experience as well. When the family first decides they may want a Doodle dog, read this article on “Deciding to Buy a Puppy” to see if it’s the right time to add a canine member to the family. Then, check the Upcoming Litters page. Use that information to help make the official decision on whether to bring a puppy into your life. See if the projected litters line up to be a good time in your life for puppyhood. For instance, if the pups will be ready to go home during the month you’re traveling, then another litter may be a better fit.

  2. Be aware of the timeframes involved. For instance, if the pregnancy is nine weeks and the puppies are mature enough to go home at eight weeks, then that is just over three months of waiting if you get on board when the momma dog conceives. It's important to know too that female dog has a cycle and will go into heat approximately every six months although this can vary on many factors including when they last had a litter. The health of our mothers is very important to us so we monitor them closely. So, the heat cycles of our ladies can affect the timeframe of receiving your new bundle of joy.

  3. Be open to requirements from the breeder such as spaying and neutering or food. Be open to advise and suggestions on training and puppy life in general.

  4. Know that your puppy will receive the best care from the day he or she is born.

  5. Know that we are welcome to questions and are eager to help you along this fun journey.

  6. Be open to the breeder matching you up with a puppy based on observing the puppies over time and what they know of your lifestyle. Communicate with the breeder so she can help you find the best pup to fit your family.

  7. Be confident in the fact that you’ll have a resource for life and someone in your corner to support you and the puppy.

Aussiedoodle in North Carolina

Some things of great worth are worth waiting for and our Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles are no exception.

This can be a tough pill to swallow but over the years we have found that the folks who are in a rush for a puppy are also the ones who are more likely to lose interest in the dog or get frustrated with them enough to “get rid of them” by giving the puppy away, or worse, mistreating or neglecting them. We do not want that for our puppies.

Our puppies are bred with the utmost care and attention with the health of the momma dog and the pups in mind, and we strive to deliver what you want. We thrive on healthy, happy puppies; healthy, happy mommas; and healthy, happy families! Please contact us with any questions, and stay tuned to our website and Instagram for Fine and Dandy updates!

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