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Puppy Prep Checklist for Fine and Dandy Puppy Parents-To-Be

white aussiedoodle puppy in north carolina

You’re officially a Fine and Dandy Puppy Parent-To-Be, now what? How do you prepare?

Well, the first thing is to sit back and relax until your chosen momma dog has delivered her sweet puppies. Once your baby is born the action kicks up a notch. :-) Here is a quick list of steps to get ready for puppydom.

  • Talk about how to take care of a puppy with your family. Establish house rules and agree to work toward consistently applying those rules. For instance, will the pup be allowed on the couch? If not, make sure everyone follows through with that rule. Other standard house rules include no feeding from the table and no jumping on people. Here is info on training your dog.

  • Puppy proof the house. Walk around the house looking for potentially dangerous areas like hanging cords, glass vases on a coffee table, easy access to medications or cleaning supplies.

  • Assess the backyard. Are there poisonous plants or overgrown shrubs that could harbor ticks? How about holes in the fence? Are there pesticides within easy reach? Generally, you want to make sure the pup's living space is safe for them.

  • If you have children, consider making a checklist of scheduled feedings, walks, and potty breaks so everyone is on the same page and can help take care of the new pup.

  • Buy supplies like food and water bowls, leashes, collars, harnesses, food, brushes, beds, a crate, and toys. Shopping for all these items is super fun! Check out the blog posts on buying supplies and buying toys on our website.

  • Learn some grooming basics such as trimming nails. While it is important to interview and choose a good groomer, the puppy won’t be able to visit one until he is at least 16 weeks old and had his vaccinations, including Parvo. Check out our puppy nail trimming and cowboy bath videos.

  • Interview and find a veterinarian you can trust. Set up an appointment for puppy vaccinations. Your pup should not visit any dog parks or shops until they have had all the required shots.

  • Research any common pests and potential health hazards you need to be aware of in your region of the United States. Do you live in an area with a high concentration of mosquitos or heartworm cases? Is it super hot or super cold? Lots of ticks? Learn more at our parasite blog post.

  • Order your first batch of Life’s Abundance dog food and get set up to have it delivered right to

  • Purchase a kennel and place it in a quiet area of the home. Stay tuned for a blog post on crate training.

  • Plan potty locations. If you live in an apartment and can’t take the pup to public spaces until she’s 16 weeks and vaccinated, what’s the best-case scenario? We had one client who made their own potty spot by buying sod and setting it on the plastic tray from an old kennel. They simply replaced the sod when it was worn out. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

  • Make arrangements for puppy pick-up day. Are you driving anywhere? Flying anywhere? Here are some great tips on traveling with your new puppy.

Ask us any questions you may have! We’re excited to help you and your puppy have the best experience possible. (Download this list by clicking the link below.)

Web Content_ Blog_ Prepping for Puppy Checklist - Google Docs
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