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Carley our Fine & Dandy girl 
Weighs 26 lbs

Coat Color:  Moyen Poodle White 

Favorite Treat:  Training Treats
Favorite Toy:  Her Blanket
Favorite Activity:  Running Laps
Favorite Place in the House:  On Our Laps


We take great care in studying genetics and choose to breed the best Australian Shepherds and Poodles to produce beautiful, healthy Doodle puppies who are smart, fun, and well-rounded.

We Are
Fine & Dandy

If living fur coats were to ever come in style, everyone would be clamoring for the Cedar fur coat. Or, maybe she'll wear you like a coat. Either way, you'd both be happy! Cedar-girl is like a big, lovable teddy bear. 

She has a striking, mesmerizing gaze of one light blue eye and one amber eye. And with those beautiful, watchful peepers, she acts as the group’s big sister, separating feuding pups and serving as referee. Also, like an elder sibling, Ms. Cedar likes to talk a lot. 

When she's not wrapped around us for cuddles, she loves to rock super stylish Doggles while hiking.


Speaking of hiking, her mirror image, Gracie, is learning hiking and path skills from her older sister Cedar. The pair are similar in personality, but as she and the pups are getting older, Cedar is taking a leadership role, setting a good example for all to follow!


Our girls are loved members of the family, and they are all given the best care. These mama dogs have comfy, warm beds; high-quality food and supplements; fun training sessions; exciting hikes and outdoor adventures; and lots of hugs every single day. When they have puppies, the pups receive the best care and attention. We are a close-knit pack and when you add one of the puppies into your family, we all become an extended family of sorts, connected by these beautifully unique dogs. 

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