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Coat Color:  Black Tri

Favorite Treat:  Any Meal, She's A Food Hound
Favorite Toy:  Nylabones
Favorite Activity:  Playing fetch in the river
Favorite Place :  On hut lookout tower


We take great care in studying genetics and choose to breed the best Australian Shepherds and Poodles to produce beautiful, healthy Doodle puppies who are smart, fun, and well-rounded.

Stella our Fine & Dandy girl 
Weight 30 lbs
australian shepherd puppy blue eyes
We Are
Fine & Dandy

Those blue eyes, though! She’s pretty much the doggie version of Wonder Woman—brains and beauty with a tenacious spirit. One of her favorite things to do is do a double kick with her feet when it’s time to eat!

Stella tends to get into mischief when she’s exploring with her sister, Gracie. The pair will get into anything—paper, boxes, plants—and make a great game of it.

This girly is a black tri Mini Aussie who will be making some outstanding Doodle puppies in 2022. She has the coat markings of a Bernadoodle and the brain of an Australian Shepherd. Combine those, and you've got the full package, kind of like Ms. America.

This gal is growing into adulthood and becoming her own individual. She's loving her obedience and hiking training and continues to love to play with her sister Gracie and all the other awesome pups at Fine and Dandy.


Our girls are loved members of the family, and they are all given the best care. These mama dogs have comfy, warm beds; high-quality food and supplements; fun training sessions; exciting hikes and outdoor adventures; and lots of hugs every single day. When they have puppies, the pups receive the best care and attention. We are a close-knit pack and when you add one of the puppies into your family, we all become an extended family of sorts, connected by these beautifully unique dogs. 

australian shepherd puppy sleeping
aussiedoodle puppy mom
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