poodle in the snow
moyen poodle white and gold
Meet Our Future Stud
Nixon 10/21/2020

Coat Color:  Red and White Parti

Favorite Treat: Duck Patties
Favorite Toy:  Kong Bear
Favorite Activity:  Playing In The Snow
Favorite Place in the House:  His Dog Bed

cute moyen poodle
moyen poodle with bandana
moyen poodle brown and white
We Are
Fine & Dandy

Nixon is one of our downright adorable and handsome stud Poodles.


He reads the environment well and is highly adaptable to the situation, whether acting as a caring companion, playing fetch with children, or tumbling around with other pups.

One of his absolute favorite things to do is playing in the snow! He doesn't get to often but when he does, he goes to town.

He'll be making some fabulous puppies next year.

beautiful moyen sized poodle
Our poodle Nixon