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26 Doggie Supplies You May Need

Folks often ask me what supplies they will need for their growing puppy. Without further ado, here is a list of my favorite doggie supplies. :-) Under the video is a written list and a printable version.

  • Microfiber Towels - These soft towels are great for cowboy baths and grooming.

  • Washcloths - The cheap bundle from Home Goods is great for grooming and cleaning up messes.

  • Puppy Pads - While these shouldn’t be used at home regularly as they can promote peeing indoors, they are beneficial when traveling home with your puppy. We will send one of these with you along your journey.

  • Baby/Children’s Blanket - The baby blanket is perfect for puppies and very easy to wash. As your pup gets bigger, move to a larger kid’s blanket. Keep an eye out in stores and buy several when they are on sale. Since they’re easy to wash, a clean one can be given every day or two. Blankets are a fabulous option for crates if your pup or young dog tends to chew up a bed.

  • Bath Mats - The nubby, shag-carpet like, bath mats make nice dog beds that are also easy to wash and replace—another one to stock up on when on sale at Home Goods or a similar store.

  • Doggie Poop Bags - Part of being a good pet parent is picking up after your dog. Not only is it the considerate thing to do, but it can also help keep our waterways clean.

  • Cat Nail Scissors - These are perfect for trimming soft little puppy nails.

  • Dog NailTrimmers - Once your dog is eight months old, you can switch to the big boy nail clippers. I like the ones made by Boshel.

  • Stainless Steel or Ceramic Dog Bowls - Either type is good as they are both easy to clean. If you’ve got multiple dogs who ruff-house around, the stainless steel would be the way to go. If you have one or two dogs who don’t get too crazy when they play, a cute, stylish ceramic one may be nice.

  • Airtight Canister - Canisters can be stylish and functional. They’re fantastic for treats or cotton balls or whatever you’d like.

  • Comb - A comb with big teeth works well on Aussiedoodle coats.

  • Slicker Brush - These brushes have fine wire bristles superb for removing debris and mats.

  • Probiotic - Choose a good quality kind in a packet. Sprinkle only a quarter of the pack on the puppy’s food, and they’ll gobble it up. It helps keep the tummy and digestive processes healthy.

  • Benedryl - This is great to have on hand if your pup gets motion sickness and you know you have to travel. It can also be helpful if your dog ever has an allergic reaction. Talk with your vet about giving your dog Benedryl and ask them for the appropriate dosage.

  • Portable Bowl - I always keep a portable, foldable bowl in my pack while hiking or on other adventures. It’s important to keep your dog hydrated when out and about. I love the Ruffwear line.

  • NuVet Vitamins - This company offers high-quality vitamins to keep your dogs healthy. My mama dogs need this since they grow puppies and nurse them.

  • NuVet Shampoos - I love the shampoos by NuVet. They seem to do very well with skin and coat.

  • Life’s Abundance Dog Food - As the website states, Life’s Abundance is holistically balanced and provides the nutritional harmony that’s important to help your canine achieve and maintain optimal health. We recommend keeping your dog on this food.

  • Lint Remover Roller - One of these sticky rollers will help keep stray hairs off of your clothes and couches.

  • Baby/Puppy Wipes - A clean bum is a happy bum! I will keep the bum area trimmed up and use puppy wipes to help keep the puppies and my house clean.

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste - Developing a good habit of cleaning your dog’s teeth will keep them healthy for a long time.

  • Elk Horns - These are fantasic for keeping dogs busy while also cleaning their teeth.

  • Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses - I love the LupinePet line and recommend using a harness once the pup learns how to heel or walk next to you. Collars and leashes can change depending on the purpose. For instance, a training leash is different than the one you’d take a long leisurely walk with. A training slip lead is what you need for training.

  • Tag - Your dog should wear a tag with his name, phone number, and microchip number.

  • Tortilla Warmer - Yep, you read that right. I discovered that one of these warmers is perfect for preparing your dog’s food in advance and keeping it fresh.

  • Spray Bottles - These are great to have on hand for many reasons, but one reason is using it as a training tool. Keep one filled with water and squirt your dog when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be and not listening.

I hope this list of doggie supplies helps you think about items you might like to get for your pup. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but it does cover a lot. Click here for a printable version. Happy shopping!

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