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Introducing an Exclusive New Service!

It’s the first week of April and we’re moving right along with consistently improving our farm, our facilities, and caring for a bunch of Ah-mazing dogs! And - we welcome in this spring with a special announcement for you. :-)

Drum Roll Please ........

We are now offering a dog training program!

Yes! You heard that right.

As you know, we begin training early so you have a puppy who is familiar with crates, doggy doors, commands, and more. Imagine what three to six extra weeks of training could do? There is nothing better than a well trained dog, is there?

There are two ways to get into the program:

One is to purchase one of the trained puppies. We will hold one or two puppies back from each litter and train them.

Or, you may choose to have your selected puppy stay with us for 3 or 6 weeks.

The 6 week training package includes bell training (your dog will know how to ring a bell to let you know he has to go out), doggy door training, crate training, place, sit, stay, heel, and all the basics.

Once the 6 week program is complete, if the pup shows a drive and affinity for additional training, an additional time could be added. Additional training includes all of the above, to a more advanced level, plus an introduction to various obstacles and socialization. Exposure to obstacles or other odd objects, as well as proper exposure to different people and situations develops a very sound, happy, comfortable dog.

We strive to provide videos and tips on how to train your pups, but we’re finding some folks desire more help or simply don’t have the time needed to dedicate themselves to the process.

We care enough about our dogs and our clients that we felt we could fill a need here! The only thing is, there is a limit of 4 dogs at a time that can be trained. It takes a lot of time to put forth this work and we want to do right by our dogs, our clients, and ourselves so can only handle training four at a time.

Remember when I asked about anything better than a well trained dog? Well, the only thing better than a well trained dog is a well trained dog and owner duo!

The program will conclude with a 1 or 2

day training, at our farm, for at least one of the owners, so you can learn how to communicate with your dog. It’s very important for the pet-parent to know how to give the commands to their newly trained pup and follow through with the training once at home.

Super cool, right? We’re excited to offer this special service to our amazing Fine and Dandy families.

More details and information on our dog training philosophies are forthcoming so, if you’re interested, stay tuned!

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Della Archambo
Della Archambo
08 avr. 2022

That’s exciting

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