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3 Facts About Our Training Program

Everyone loves a well-behaved dog, but rarely do people put in the consistent work needed to achieve this outcome.

A lady training a Mini Aussie as part of a dog training program.

The reasons vary widely, but often folks simply don’t know where to start, and, hey, life is busy! At Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles, we totally get it, and that’s why we created our special training program. 

New Fine and Dandy parents have the option of enrolling their new puppy into our 4 or 6-week obedience camp, where the pup will build a solid foundation of good manners. The puppy will also learn to focus and expand his or her attention span.  

Three facts about our dog training program that help set us apart from other training options out there are:

A tuxedo mini aussiedoodle on a box as part of a training program.
  1. Full-time Presence. I have been with each puppy from their first breath, so I know what the training will look like for each pup. Since I am around the dogs so much, I’ve learned their behaviors and seen what cooperating and noncooperating behaviors look like. I’ve learned how dogs like to communicate with each other and with humans. Through this, I’ve developed my own method of training, or training style, that achieves results. I’m able to quickly adapt training techniques to best connect with each dog’s personality.

  2. Solid Philosophy. I believe that dogs love to please us and perform for us. So, when I ask a dog to do something, I don’t bribe them with treats as standard practice. Treats do come into play sometimes, and we’ll chat about that another time, but I choose to work with the pups in a positive way without treats. If I am the alpha and the dog wants to please me, I shouldn’t have to ply the dog with treats. Doing so places a positive emphasis on food and what I can do for the dog instead of vice versa. For instance, when going on a walk, I don’t use the expandable leashes where the dog runs ahead and leads the walk. This signals to the dog that they are in charge, and they end up taking their owner for a walk instead. I encourage my dogs to enjoy their walks when closer to my side. (Read more about it here.) I have the unique ability to teach a puppy good manners in a happy, healthy way!

  3. Strong Foundation. We focus on building a solid attention span and eye contact for every pup in our training program. We feel that a dog who can focus and pay attention to what their owner is asking is best prepared for further training and a happy home life. We begin with eye contact and positive reinforcement in the 4-week program and continue to box training into the 6-week program, where they learn to stay calmly in place for 30 minutes. We feel paying attention and eye contact are the most important foundational elements for further learning. (Read more here, here, and here.)


We’re working on adding a training webpage with more details to the website, so stay tuned for that. I love living and working with all these amazing dogs God has blessed me with, and I am happy to help you train your next FADA puppy! There is limited availability, though, so be sure to send me a message if you’re interested :-)

Happy trails ~

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