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Special Delivery: Harper's First Litter

Once upon a time, there was an Australian Shepherd named Harper.

One day she could tell her puppies were coming, so she grew quiet and looked for a suitable place to bring her little Doodle dogs into the world.

Harper's mom, Laney, noticed this and prepared a birthing room with a whelping bed just for her, with blankets and towels perfect for nesting. Momma Laney even slept downstairs with the new mom-to-be to provide comfort and support.

While Harper liked her mom and dad being with her, she'd let the other dogs know to leave her alone with a simple stare they had no trouble understanding.

After a couple of nights, momma Laney brought the birthing pin to her and daddy Brad's bedroom with all the supplies they might need. Quietly during the night, Harper had her first puppy, who woke the dozing humans with a cute little squeak.

Harper allowed Laney and Brad to move the pups and keep them warm while she birthed the next tiny little being for a total of six. Natural mothering instincts kicked in, and she licked their faces and made sure the 10-ounce puppies were breathing.

Sweet Harper is an orderly kind of gal, and she kept the whole process and the puppies very tidy and organized.

Lowa, Riley, Cedar, and the other dogs were curious and wanted to see the new puppies. Harper let them approach but only so far, for they knew to heed the new mom's warning glare;

a common instinct for any mother.

Laney said she'd never seen Harper smile as much as she had the past few days with her new babies. She enjoys being with and loving on her sweet Aussiedoodle puppies, and they continue to do well. We'll all work together for the next eight weeks to grow healthy, adorable puppies and prepare them for their new homes.

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