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Spot the Difference: 1 Week vs 6 Weeks Old

Heya! Laney here with some Fine and Dandy Trivia Questions for you...answers are below, so keep reading. 🙂

Can puppies see when they are born?

Can puppies hear at one week old?

What color are most puppy noses?

How much do our doodles weigh at eight weeks old?

Laney holding a six week old mini doodle and a one week old mini aussiedoodle.

Laney holding a six week old mini doodle and a one week old mini aussiedoodle.

Hmmm....have your answers yet?

Our FADA Mini Aussiedoodles grow so fast! A lot happens from week one to week six. Many of the changes we can’t even see, but there are several we can watch happen before our very eyes! 

Here are five ways puppies change as they grow:

Size—This is obvious, right? Our little packages of love are very tiny when born and grow to be between eight and nine pounds at eight weeks old. Sometimes folks will say how big the puppies look on camera, but it’s gotta be all the fur! Or, maybe the old adage that the camera adds 10 pounds is true! 

Eyes—Puppy eyes are closed at one week but open around 10 to 12 days old. Often, at this young age, the eyes are greyish-blue, but we’ll have a better idea of permanent color around 8 to 10 weeks old. The blue color often changes and settles into a rich chocolatey brown, lovely green or hazel, blue, or glacier blue. Sometimes one eye can have multiple colors, which is an Aussie trait. 

Ears—Puppies cannot hear when they are born because their ears are blocked, but they gradually open, and by six weeks, the powerful listening devices are in full effect.

Nose—One-week-old puppy noses are often pink! And, they fill in more pigment, or color, as they mature, and by six weeks old they got their cute little button noses down pat.

Coat—Puppy coats at one week are very smooth and close to the skin, but as they approach that six week mark, they become little poof balls of love perfect for cuddling!

Check out this adorable video for a side-by-side comparison :-)

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