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Train and Board Program

Our recently launched Train and Board Program has been an outstanding success! If you haven’t heard about it, here is a closer look. Up to four Fine and Dandy puppy-parents-to-be can choose to let us keep their sweet puppies for a few weeks of training.

The goal is to have a dog who has been primed to learn and who is familiar with basic good behavior. It’s not all about the dog, though. Pet parents need to know how to communicate with their newly trained pup, too, but that piece will fit in at the end of the training period.

During the first few days, the puppy learns to make eye contact and how to transition from “play mode” to “work mode.” The work or train mode is simply a state of mind where the puppy is in a learning space, ready to absorb new information.

The pup is exposed to and fitted for a harness and leash. It can take a little while to acclimate them to wearing a harness and being on a leash.

He or she is also introduced to the Box, and we teach them to get on and off the box. Being comfortable with the box and other training tools, like harnesses, is important before moving on to other actions or commands.

The puppy will have three to four training sessions, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes, per day. Any more time than that is beyond their capacity at this age and experience.

Each session begins with observation and an assessment of the puppy’s activity level, energy level, and mindset. The session is personalized to them specifically based on what they need at that time. For instance, was he just pulled out of playtime and is still wired? If so, we’ll take the time to settle him down before asking him to give us his undivided attention. In other words, we always set the dogs up for success!

We send a big thank you to those who have trusted us with their new family member. It’s an honor to train the puppies during this time. If you're interested in joining this program, send me a message to talk about availability and the next steps! In the video below, we walk through a box training session. Enjoy!

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