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Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles has experienced remarkable grassroots growth since our inception. Beginning as a hobby farm, we now set the standard for exemplary breeding programs. We are proud to have our pups in wonderful, active homes across the nation.

Our professional breeding program specializes in F1 Mini Aussiedoodles. An Aussiedoodle is a fantastic Doodle dog specially created by selectively and carefully breeding a Mini Australian Shepherd with a Moyen Poodle. Our Aussiedoodles are 50% Mini Aussie and 50% Moyen Poodle. 


Fine and Dandy dogs, from our moms and dads to the pups, are "free-range" dogs who live on the farm with us. They are a part of the family and receive enormous amounts of love, play, and training while they wait for their forever families.


We've dedicated our lives to this endeavor, our dogs, and our puppies. Our commitment to a high-quality lifestyle and high-quality dogs is evident in the many happy FADA families across the nation. 


Because of the variety of females and males we have, we get a variety of coat colors. Our doodle dogs are known for their gorgeous coats, great personalities, and willingness to work and play!

2024 and Beyond

We've already got big plans for 2024, and we can't wait to see our dreams, and your puppy dreams, come true. We have happy, healthy puppies available now!

As we move forward into the year and beyond, we'll be planning on adding more slots to our training program now that we have a full time trainer on staff.

Our litters tend to sell out quickly, so if you are interested in acquiring a Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodle, fill out the Puppy Application and Policies form to be approved.


We love to share the lifestyle of our little piece of heaven here in the mountains of WNC and the life our dogs get to enjoy. If you are interested in knowing more we can set up a zoom tour to get to know each other. We welcome interested families to tour the farm and see firsthand how we care for all our babies here!

Please let us know of any questions you may have or if you'd like to visit. Feel free to call Laney at 828-400-2688 (eastern time zone).

When we do have puppies we post them

a few times a week on our Instagram account too. You do not need to have

an account to view just click the "SEE PUPPIES button, and you will be taken

to our weekly updates.

mini aussie doodle puppy
How to Find us

We are located in Canton, North Carolina in the western side of the state. Our little mountain town is 30 minutes from Asheville and two hours away from Knoxville, Tennessee.


Both Asheville and Knoxville have airports serviced by several airlines. When it’s time to pick up your puppy, the two most common methods are coming to our house, or us meeting you at either airport. Read more about traveling and picking up your puppy here.

australian shepherd dog running

Our pups are smart and beautiful, with coat options sure to please. The genetics of Australian Shepherds and Poodles allows for a wide range of coat colors such as Blue Merle, Red Merle, Black Tri, Black Bi, Red Tri, Red Bi, and Parti-colored. They are dogs with coats of many colors. So, we've worked at creating the best recipe!

We use the best and most stunning ingredients:
  • Add 1 great Australian Shepherd
  • Blend with 1 witty Moyen Poodle.
  • Mix well & bake for 9 weeks till done.
  • Let cool for 8 weeks
  • Enjoy your Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy 
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Our Poodle Nixon
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