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Our dogs have loved to get outside and enjoy the Nevada desert and now the North Carolina mountainside. Enjoy scrolling through these cool photos and check out the basic hiking tips and information at the bottom. Happy Trails! 

Here are a few basic hiking tips and tricks for a fun, safe outing. Make sure your pet is allowed to hike with you. Some trails and locations don't allow dogs, or they may have restrictions. So, it's best to double-check before heading out.


The National Park Service suggests following the B.A.R.K. protocol:

  • Bag your pet's waste

  • Always leash your pet

  • Respect wildlife

  • Know where you can go

Learn more about being a BARK Ranger here.  

Some locations have off-leash areas, or maybe you're blazing your own trail, but it's recommended to only let your pup off the leash if your dog listens to you and obeys verbal commands, if you can see them at all times, and if they'll come when called. Also, endeavor to keep them on the trail as much as possible. Dangerous things, like snakes, can linger off-trail.


When other hikers are approaching, give them a happy hello and stand to the side with your pup to allow them to pass. You greeting them, let's your dog know it's okay.

Another tip to ensure you and your pup have a great time on the trail is making sure they have the appropriate flea and tick repellant. And, pack enough water for you and your dog to drink. Staying hydrated and cool is essential for dogs and people alike.


Once you're back from your hike, a cowboy bath may be in order! Check out how to do it here.

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