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Travel And Picking Up Your Puppy

mini aussiedoodle puppy driving a play car

Tips on Traveling with Your New Pup

We are proud to have our pups throughout the United States, and we look forward to expanding nationally as word of our fabulous dogs continues to spread from east to west and back again. No matter where in the United States you live, our priority is to ensure the pups and their new families have a great experience while traveling home.

The first step is to complete the puppy application and begin the matching process.

After you've applied to be the new pet-parents of an adorable mini Aussiedoodle and been approved, how do you get the pup home? The whole family is super excited, but the family's new best friend is on the other side of the nation. Now what?

Here are a couple of options to help you decide how to pick up bring your puppy home.

The first option is to pick the puppy up at their birthplace in person. The second option is for us to meet you at one of the airports listed below. The third option is for us to fly the puppy to an airport near you, for a fee, as long as it's a direct flight. Some restrictions may apply. You may also choose to locate and use a Pet Nanny who will fly the dog to you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about getting your puppy home.

Traveling to the pup's birthplace could mean you fly out to either Asheville, North Carolina, or Knoxville, Tennessee, then rent a car to my home, or you can drive straight to my house. We take great pride in our pups and how they are raised for the first eight weeks of their lives. When you bring one of our Aussiedoodles into your home, we count you as friends, and we're happy to have you visit.

The Asheville Regional Airport is only 30 minutes away, while the McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville is less than two hours away. Click here to see an example of the flights to these airports from various locations throughout the US (link coming soon). Note: This flight info was accurate at the time of posting. Please check your local carriers and resources to find current flights.

For our amazing Las Vegas and West Coast clients (we used to live right around Vegas, so it's still near to our hearts), we will fly puppies to Las Vegas for west coast pickups. Right now, there are direct flights from Asheville to Vegas, so it would only be a minimum fee for us to fly the pups west for your convenience.

Traveling with a new puppy can be an adventure for you and the pup, so here are some tips to help make the experience a good one.

Try to tire the puppy out before you begin the trip back home. Play with the little guy and bond a bit before leaving, and feel free to ask any questions while we hang out at my house.

If possible, bring a friend or family member with you to ride in the back seat with the pup. Having a riding buddy will help your new family member feel more comfortable.

Items to have on hand are a crate with a bed or blanket in it (or a harness that secures to the seat belt), a leash, a collar or harness, food, treats, water, bowls, extra blankets or towels, paper towels, cleaning supplies for possible messes, and puppy wipes.

When a puppy leaves its mom and siblings, it can be stressful for them. The pup may cry—a lot. Calmly reassure them but try not to be overly excited or overly affectionate. Doing so may reinforce the fear. If the pup is crying while traveling, try covering the crate with a blanket so it's more like a den where they can relax and not be exposed to as many stimulants. Something safe to chew like a hard plastic bone may help as well.

If driving a long way, stop every couple of hours for potty and stretch breaks. However, try to avoid busy rest areas or other locations where lots of dogs go. The puppy's immune system is still building, and they've not had all their vaccinations yet, so be careful where they walk and play. Use the pet wipes to wipe their feet and bellies off before putting them back in the car.

If you stay in a hotel on the way home, choose a pet-friendly hotel and ask for a room on the first floor. The quicker you both get outside for potty breaks, the better. Also, a flashlight may be helpful for nighttime dashes outside.

A far a flying goes, follow the airlines' recommendations for flying with a pet, but we want the dog to fly with you at your seat in an appropriate crate rather than in the cargo hold. When on potty breaks at the airport, avoid the high-traffic pet areas. We will supply you with potty pads so you can find a quiet corner and patiently encourage your new companion to go potty there instead.

If we meet you at either the Denver, Salt Lake, or Las Vegas airports, there may be a small additional cost. If you'd like the pup to fly with a private pet nanny to an airport near you, it will be at your expense.

Similar to driving with the puppy, endeavor to keep the pup as comfortable and calm as possible. Have extra blankets and wipes on hand in case it soils the crate.

At Home Safe and Sound

Bringing your puppy home can be a great time to bond with your new bundle of joy. Ideally, you've already gotten the supplies you'll need like a bed, food, bowls, and toys. Once home, you'll all probably need some rest! Spend time with each other and have fun watching your new best friend explore the house.

Please let me know if you have any questions about bringing your new Aussiedoodle home. I'm happy to help!

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