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Cowboy Bath

Our Poodle Puppy Nixon

What in Tarnation is a Cowboy Bath?

A cowboy bath is a life hack on keeping a cleaner dog and a spiffy house. This down and dirty bath is invaluable in multiple dog households and is great for busy families. Or, mayhaps the in-laws just called, and they'll be over in an hour. Commence the whirlwind of cleaning!

Follow these tried and true pro-tips on quickly bathing your pups.

  1. Grab the supplies. You'll need a towel, a washcloth, dog shampoo, a bowl of warm water.

  2. Mix three drops of the dog shampoo into the bowl of warm water. It's important not to get the water too soapy.

  3. Place your dog on the towel in a comfortable location, and have all the other supplies within arm's reach.

  4. Swish the washcloth in the bowl to get it good and wet. Ring it out a bit, so it's not dripping wet.

  5. Wipe the pup down, beginning with the face, ears, back, chest, tummy, legs and feet, private area, and finally, the bottom. Rinse the washcloth periodically in the bowl to ensure it's clean.

  6. Pour out the soapy water and refill with clean, warm water.

  7. Give the pup a quick "rinse" by rubbing him or her down with the fresh, non-soapy washcloth. Their coat should be damp but not really wet.

  8. There you have it! A fresh pup! Start young, and they'll love their cowboy bath.

Not only is a cowboy bath quick and efficient, but it's also safe for sensitive skin. Giving full baths often can dry out their skin and leave them itchy and uncomfortable.

If you're active with your dogs and go on hikes or walks, wiping them down before they come into the house can be safer for the whole household. Leave allergens and germs outside where they belong.

In the video below, Nixon, my adorable stud poodle, and I demonstrate how to give (and enjoy) a cowboy bath.

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