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Australian Shepherd
Harper Our Fine & Dandy Gal
weighs 28-30 lbs

Coat Color:  Red Merle

Favorite Treat:  Yogurt
Favorite Toy:  Any Available Toy
Favorite Activity:  Swimming in River
Favorite Place :  On a Soft Blanket

australian shepherd puppy


australian shepherd puppy
aussie puppy
We Are
Fine & Dandy

Ever wonder if there was a puppy perfectionist? Well, there is. It’s Harper.


She likes the household to be entirely in order and thrives on routine. This sweet gal will alert us if anything is amiss, like puppies getting into trouble. They call her a tattletale, but she doesn’t see it that way at all.


Interestingly enough, she can also keep time. Harper lets me know when it’s 7:30 every night by jumping on the couch and cuddling! 


Harper had her first litter of pups in March of 2021 and has shaped up to be a great mother. She keeps her puppies clean and as orderly as the rest of the household!


Once upon a time, there was an Australian Shepherd named Harper. One day she could tell her puppies were coming, so she grew quiet and looked for a suitable place to bring her little Doodle dogs into the world.

Harper's mom, Laney, noticed this and prepared a birthing room with a whelping bed just for her, with blankets and towels perfect for nesting. Momma Laney even slept downstairs with the new mom-to-be to provide comfort and support.


While Harper liked her mom and dad being with her, she'd let the other dogs know to leave her alone with a simple stare they had no trouble understanding.

Read more of Harper's birth story here.

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