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7 Super Simple Tips for Box Training

Anyone with a puppy has likely learned that the whole family is happier when the puppy listens and is well-behaved. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with just what to do to train the dog. How do you even begin to train them?

Box training is one tool to teach your dog how to listen and focus. It is a way to begin working with your dog, building a relationship of trust with you, and building their mental focus. The goal is to get them to stay on the box. It’s okay for them to sit, lay down, stand, or move on the box. You just don’t want them to get off of the box. The idea is to create a comfortable, positive, and controlled environment for them to work and learn. We want these training sessions to be good experiences.

Here are 7 super simple tips for box training.

  • Use a harness and a leash

  • Place them on the box

  • Have them start in a sitting position by gently asking or moving them into position

  • Use praise and pets as a reward for staying put

  • Use the work "box" so they learn that term

  • Stay close to them and give a tug on the leash anytime they try to jump off the box

  • Work up to 5 minutes

Check out this quick video series to see these tips in action!

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