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Adopting One of Our Retired Adults

We strive to have a stellar, high-quality breeding program that focuses on love and care for all of our dogs -- adults and puppies alike.

We are intimately familiar with all of our dogs because they are our family! After all, we’ve raised them since they were eight weeks old. We know their likes and dislikes and their personalities. We know what’s best for them and what type of environment would be perfect once they eventually retire from the FADA program.

Every so often, we may have an adult Mini Australian Shepherd or perhaps a Poodle who is ready to spread his/her wings and thrive in a home with fewer brothers and sisters around!

An analogy could be our kids leaving home to start their lives, whether it’s going away to college or getting married. We love our kids and want the best for them and will miss them, but we don’t necessarily want them living in the basement. And while they love us, they don’t want to live in the basement, either! The natural order of things for them is to, ideally, have their own lives in environments as good or better than what we’ve provided where they can be themselves, safe, and loved. It is heartbreaking to let them go, but knowing that their level of care will be comparable to or even supersede the amazing home we’ve given them, gives my heart peace.

The adoption process is different than our standard puppy process. We always look for family matches that will suit the personalities and needs of our puppies and our adults. They are our babies, and we’re looking for the perfect family to take over a give them their best lives no matter how old they are! However, our adults have matured into their lifestyles and personalities. A puppy is more moldable in that he can grow and learn based on the environment you give him.

Adult dogs have already lived several years and have established views and thoughts about things. They can still be very adaptable and fit into various family dynamics; however, we want to reduce stress on them as much as possible and set them and their new family up for success! For instance, if we have a very calm adult momma, it wouldn’t be great for her to be in a rowdy multi-dog family.

For example, our girl Lowa is a fantastic dog! She is tired of all the other dogs and would love a single dog home where she’ll get most of the attention. An empty nester who is not around many kids would be ideal.

Maybe for another adult dog, a family could be a perfect option, but the age of the kids and overall lifestyle plays a huge role.

See Lowa having fun and swimming here in the video below - she loves the water and wants to swim all year round, even now, despite the frigid temperature!

If you’re interested in possibly adopting one of our retired adults one day, message me to let us know!

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