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The Reality Check of Puppydom

So, the family has decided to bring a puppy into the family and everyone is eagerly awaiting the day to finally bring him home! The whole family is prepared, supplies are ready, and the house and yard are prepped. Parents, spouses, and/or siblings all have their respective puppy-related chores or tasks outlined. (That’s amazing by the way! Kudos to you!)

Everything should go smoothly then, right? Well, maybe not. We do highly recommend being as prepared as possible but even then getting a puppy, or any new dog can bring a reality check. Some people think their lives won’t change all that much, but having a dog is a lot like having a baby. Basically, that adorable bundle of joy known as the Mini Aussiedoodle will become the center of your world as he grows from a pup to an adult. Then, once an adult, he may not demand quite as much of your time, but you'll still want to give it to him because, you know, you'll be super tight by then. ;-) Below are just a few of the changes you can expect.

New Routines - No longer will you be able to roll out of bed, slip on your slippers, and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee. You’ll need to take the puppy out first and tend to his needs before pouring that cupa joe. And, then of course, it’s highly likely the puppy will be tangled up in your feet trying to tackle your slippers as you walk to the couch.

Lack of Sleep - The first few days you have your puppy, he may cry. Especially when placed in the crate at bedtime. The poor little guy misses his littermates and has to adjust to his new digs and his new pack. Always be patient and supportive even if you begin to feel frustrated. It will pass! And, you’ll be best friends! Read about the first-hand experience of a Fine and Dandy family here.

Elbow Grease - Start doing some arm circles now because you’ll likely be doing a lot of wiping up potty accidents and scrubbing the carpet clean during the potty training phase. It’s all a part of the process, just have some good cleaning supplies at the ready and support your puppy as much as possible while he’s learning to control his bladder and bowels.

Play Time - Puppies have spurts of intense energy where they’ll need to be appropriately entertained. Having safe toys to play with, practicing some basic training in a fun way, and generally keeping the eagle eye on them is essential.

Awareness - You’ll learn to always watch for toys as you walk through the house. Also always look behind you before you step back. Like, if you’re cooking at the stove or putting on makeup at the counter, look down at your feet and behind you before you automatically step back. Many times a dog will pick that exact spot to take a nap while you’re busy.

Day Trips and Nights Out - Any time you’re away from the house, you’ll have to make plans for the puppy. If you’re gone for hours on end arrange for someone to come check on him and let him potty. Just think about whether there is a need to adjust your schedule temporarily.

Having a puppy or dog in your life is a big commitment for many years, but it’s also truly one of life’s greatest rewards and it’s so enriching and joyful!!

Do you have any new puppy stories or tips to share?

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