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Does Dog Food Flumox You?

Welcome to Fall, Y'all!

As we approach a season full of food and drinks and holiday treats, it's easy for us to be a bit flummoxed by all the food choices and party fare out there.

Choosing the right foods for our beloved canine companions can be a challenge, too! It seems no matter what we might try off the shelves, we’re still left wondering if it's really the best thing for our dogs. Over the past few years, we’ve settled in on a brand of food and health principles to live by regarding dog food.

At around five weeks old, when the pups are being weaned, we begin to introduce solid foods and transition them from mother's milk to a kibble-based diet. Whether their primary food or treats, the ingredients are important to their health, just like it is for us humans.

Trends in dog food can occur similarly to trends in human nutrition. The human gluten-free and low-carb crazes helped spark a grain-free campaign in dog food. Many people are sensitive or allergic to gluten and/or GMO corn. Many kibbles out there had GMO corn and other grains thought of as undesirable, making sense that people and dog food manufacturers would make the connection.

You may recall about three years ago when headlines announced that a rash of dogs began to exhibit heart disease. Many veterinarians saw a link with grain-free diets, and the FDA researched, concluding that there wasn't a definite cause but that it could be some nutritional deficiency in the grain-free kibble.

Many pet parents felt betrayed and struggled with what on earth to feed their beloved pups. We ultimately decided not to follow food trends but settled on a quality diet of all the macros—protein, carbs, and fat—including certain grains. We also supplement with probiotics and vitamins since our dogs are active mommies and daddies.

Some ingredients to avoid are corn and soy, animal digest, and by-product meal. Look for foods with high-quality grains like brown rice or oats and high-quality proteins like chicken meal and egg.

Did you know that an ingredient label lists the foods in order from most to least? So, it's fantastic if the first ingredient is a meat protein rather than corn or other cheap filler grain. Other useful elements include veggies, fruits, and vitamins.

We've used Life's Abundance All Stage Dog Food for years now, and we love it. Our Las Vegas vet had commented on how strong and vibrant the pups were when they went in to have their dewclaws removed. He's observed this in multiple litters, and I believe it's the food! We do have other approved foods, though. (Keep reading to find out!)

Per our Policies and Standard Operating Procedures agreement, FADA families agree to keep these precious puppies on this food, or one of our other approved foods, for one year. You don't have to keep them on it once your pup is over one year old, but please consider finding another food with similar ingredients and quality. Regarding supplements, a good probiotic for a healthy gut is a great choice.

Our approved dog food brands include Life's Abundance (All Life Stages), Solid Gold (Hund-N-Flocken is great, but any flavor except salmon is good), and Kinetic Performance (Power 30k). We'll be adding this list as we find more great quality foods!)

As far as treats go, folks often spend a lot of money on high-priced treats that aren’t very healthy. Another option is to buy a small bag of high-quality kibble in a yummy flavor like lamb, salmon, or duck. We love to show love through food treats, but all those lil’ tidbits carry a lot of unnecessary calories that can lead to weight gain. A different flavored kibble the pup doesn’t usually have can be the perfect quick, lower-calorie treat that won’t break the bank!

Deciding what to feed your pup can be brain-racking, but it doesn't have to be. Hopefully, we've made it easy to find great food for your puppy. Read more about food and grain-free diets here, and be sure to try out one of the yummy recipes too!

Click here to order your first bag of Life's Abundance food, or order/pick up one of the other brands now from Amazon, Chewy, Tractor Supply, etc, so it’s handy and one less thing to think about when you bring your puppy home. :-)

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