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How to Clean Up Puppy Potty Accidents

Puppy potty accidents. It’s a thing. It’s bound to happen. Our job as pet parents is to support the pup and help teach her the proper place to use the bathroom. When messes happen in the house though, it’s important to clean it up the best you can, otherwise, the puppy may go there again if they can still smell the urine.

Here are my favorite puppy accident cleaning supplies that I use to make my own odor-busting, disinfecting concoction of cleaning goodness. Be sure to watch the video to see how to mix up your own batch!

4 Ingredients to a Cleaner House

  1. White vinegar - This versatile liquid helps cut the urine odor so the puppy won’t be tempted to visit that same spot again for another potty break.

  2. OdoBan - Veterinarians often use this to eliminate a host of odors and to disinfect various surfaces.

  3. Natural citrus cleaning concentrate - Any citrus like lemon, orange, or lime will help break down organic elements like urine and feces. I prefer an oil-free, citrus-flavored natural cleaning concentrate.

  4. Water

Mix these four super ingredients into a spray bottle, and you’ve got an arsenal again puppy potty accidents. Check out the video below to see how I mix it up.

Do you have any puppy potty stories or preferred cleaning supplies?

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