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Is Halloween a Trick or Treat for Your Dog?

Halloween marks the beginning of the busy holiday season! Much of America participates in some sort of Halloween or Fall Festival activities during the month of October.

Costumes, candy, spooky sounds, parties, and strangers can be pretty stressful for your dogs. Here are some helpful tips to keep Fido feeling fine this Halloween season.

  1. Have a safe, quiet place prepared for your dog before any party people or trick-or-treaters come over. Pay attention to your pup, observe his body language, and put him in his safe place to rest at the first signs of stress. Pro Tip: This is a fantastic use of a crate!

  2. Candy is a no-no for dogs. Chocolate, gum, sugar substitutes, wrappers, and packaging can be lethal. Pumpkin is generally safe for dogs to eat if it’s unsweetened, and they eat it in moderation. However, gnawing on the pumpkin slowly rotting away on the porch is not a good idea and will almost surely give your furry friend the squirts.

  3. People in costumes may confuse and scare your dog even if one of their favorite people wears it. They may feel threatened themselves or feel like they have to protect you. So, it’s best to alleviate any possible dog bites or tense situations by placing your dog in a quiet area away from the craziness.

  4. Be careful with Halloween decorations, too. Scary creatures, glowing things, and plastic body parts like hands and eyeballs lurking around the house could get chewed on and become choking hazards.

  5. Dogs in costumes are so fun, right?! Go for it and have fun with it, but do consider your pet’s personality when choosing the perfect costume. Is it easy to move in? How long will he have to wear it? Can he wiggle out of part of it and become tangled? If at any time they look uncomfortable, remove the costume.

  6. If you take your dog trick or treating with you, just keep an eye on them to ensure they’re handling everything okay. Have your ID tags up-to-date in case they get away from you or slip out the door.

If you have any kitty cats, they are always safest inside the house, where they can find their own hiding spot.

Make Halloween a treat for your beloved four-legged friends this year by following these spooktacular tips!

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