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May Round-Up

May has certainly brought a beautiful bouquet of lovely puppy flowers! We have puppies available now, so pass the word along to other active families you may know. :-)

As you know, we love what we do! We used to call ourselves “hobby” breeders or a “hobby” farm, but we’ve now decided to remove the word “hobby.” We are high-quality breeding professionals, setting the standard for the industry! I talk about it more here in this video.

As usual, this month has been a whirlwind and we’ve loved every minute of it! Here is what we’ve been up to for the past month:

Welcome to our new, happy FADA families! See a sweet family meet their pup for the first time here. In these videos, meet a precious girl puppy getting ready to meet her family! Meet her here, see her get a bath here, and see a new use of overalls here!

Living the life!

Our dogs are “free-range” because they live and play with us on the farm. We feel a quality life means quality dogs. Enjoy the below video clips of our dogs living their best lives.

Nixon is a pro swimmer!

Fetching Sticks

Water Girl

Romping Around

Herding Instincts Kicking In

Lazy Days by the River

Picnic Time!

Carley’s first-day off-leash - she is such a good jumper!

Grooming Day

Well, after fun in the river, Nixon needs a bath. Check it out here and here.

Cooper, our upcoming stud poodle gets a bath, too, and here is a short video on trimming puppy coats.

Ear health is very important for overall health. Here are three videos on Poodle Ear Maintenance:

A Word on Ear Wax

Using Baby Wipes

Keeping Ears Dry

Tips and Information

At best, fleas and ticks are a supreme nuisance at best and dangerous parasites at worst. They can drive our dogs and us crazy with the itching they cause. They can also carry icky, scary things like tapeworm and Lyme disease. Click here to learn about fleas and ticks and what I do for my own dogs.

Does your dog eat grass? Do you know what’s normal and what might not be? Click here to find out.

Intro to Leash Training Video - stay tuned for an upcoming blog with lots of videos!

Pregnancy, Delivery, and Puppies Oh My!

Ever wonder what whelping is like? In this short video, see Chloe in early labor and the setup we have for her. Then, in this short video, learn why we stay up all night with our mommas. Finally, in this video, we welcome pups into the world!

See Oakley with her puppies! Here is another sweet video of Oakley and her pups. Oakley’s Puppies are latching on to her now. Oakley’s puppies are doing so well! They are eating and gaining weight very nicely.

Harper is a pro at this mom thing. Take a peek into Harper’s Baby Day! And, see a puppy update here.

Nature vs Nurture, ways to keep puppies warm.

Check out this comparison of a one-week-old puppy to a nine-week-old puppy. They do a lot of growing up in two months!

A Tribute to Moms

Watch this Mothers Day Tribute to all our doggy moms and here is some love for all you dog moms out there!!

May may be when we officially celebrate Mothers, but my husband, Brad deserves a huge shoutout too! It takes an enormous amount of work to keep our awesome place clean and operating at peak performance. Here’s an inside glimpse!


Meet a fellow doodle breeder who is also from Nevada and relocated to North Carolina!

We hope you enjoy this monthly round-up! Let us know if you’d like to see or learn about anything in particular.

Make it Fine and Dandy, y’all!

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