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One Amazing Way to Show Your Dog Love

How do you show love to your dog?

There are so many behaviors we do, all in the name of love. Treats. Lots of petting. Whispering sweet nothings in the ear. Cuddling. Rolling around on the ground. Fetch. High-quality foods and lots of toys. Trips to the park and going on walks. Even training our pups is a wonderful way to bond with our sweet babies. Keeping dogs clean and healthy is a way to show our love, also.

Often, baths can be frantic and fast and more of a slippery wrestling match, which can create a more stressful time for us and our pups.

What if we flipped the script on bath time?

Bath time can be therapy time by creating an atmosphere of calmness and comfort. Slow the whole process down and relax. You’ll enjoy the experience more, too!

Talk sweet to him, gaze lovingly into his eyes. Make sure he’s warm by calmly wetting him down before slowly massaging the shampoo into his coat. If you know he has a certain spot he likes rubbed, spend some time there.

Basically, we want to create a soothing, easy-going mood as we pamper him. Us spending our time with our dogs with purpose and intention rather than an afterthought, or something to quickly do on our way to do something else, is what builds a trusting relationship.

So, take a simple bath time and turn it into a love fest! Let us know how it goes. In the video below Laney shows us how loves on Cedar. 🙂

What are other ways you show your dog that you love him or her?

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