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Puppy Teething Tips

What’s cute, furry, and has a mouthful of 28 razor-sharp teeth? A Puppysaurus Rex!

Naw, it’s really just your friendly, loving new Mini Aussiedoodle! When any puppy is teething, it can seem like they're leaving a trail of scratched hands and chewed shoes in their wake.

A puppy’s baby teeth fall out around 3 to 4 months old to make room for twice as many teeth - yep, 42 of them! During this time you may see your pup drooling or even leaving tiny bloody spots on her toys. That is normal as this teething process is painful for them just like it is for human babies.

On a side note, the 3 to 4 month-old time frame is a good opportunity to get your puppy used to you touching their mouth and teeth if you haven’t already done so. That preps them for having their teeth brushed later. :-)

When should all the baby teeth be gone, you ask? All the puppy teeth should’ve fallen out by 6 months old and if you notice some haven’t fallen out, it’d be a good idea to have your vet check them just to make sure all is still growing in okay. Fun fact: The pup probably swallowed most of their lost teeth although you might find one on the carpet here or there. Does that make them their own tooth fairy? Hmm...

There are ways you can help your pup be more comfortable while she’s growing her pearly whites. Give her something appropriate to chew on like a rubber toy that can be put in the freezer or edible teething rings made specifically for puppies. Super hard items can damage their teeth while something too soft and plush can tear and lose pieces too easily. Be careful of toys with eyes and noses that can be easily swallowed. And, if at any time she chews on the table leg or other off-limits furniture or clothing, move her away from the items and immediately give her a toy she can chew. Using a take-away and replace method of correction or re-direction is the way to go here.

In general, monitor your pup’s chewing adventures to be sure they’re safe and as comfortable as possible during this important time in their little lives. Do you have any teething stories to share? If so, comment below!

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1 Comment

Mike & Julia
Mike & Julia
Jan 21, 2022

Thank you for this post, it couldn't be more timely! Remi is 3 mos. and she is really biting a LOT. Not just her toys, but us!!! She gets into these "demon" mode and just keeps coming at us and growling and trying to bite. I'm worried she will be a "biter" when she grows up. We do always give her a chew toy to distract her from biting us, but I think she thinks her biting is playtime.

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