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The Best Toys to Buy for Your Puppy

Let’s talk toys! Folks ask me what toys are best for their Aussiedoodles, so I made a video and a blog post with my favorite toys and tips. :-)

Dog Toy Tips and Tricks

Toys with minimal to no stuffing are excellent for puppies as they mature and for adult dogs. If there is a nice cushy toy, it’s disemboweled in about 10 minutes, if we’re lucky. Animal toys that are flat but still have a squeaker tend to last longer.

Elk horns are the best. We have some that are a year old. They are real antlers but, don’t worry, these horns are those that the deer or elk has shed or lost. Folks walk in the woods to collect the fallen antlers and then sell them. I like to use small suppliers off of Etsy and prefer the split antlers where the dogs can get to the bone marrow. They love them and they’re great for keeping their teeth clean!

Toys made for tug of war are okay if there are two dogs playing the game. I don’t play tug of war with my dogs, but they’ll play it with each other. Aussies, poodles, and Aussiedoodles aren’t really made for strong tug of war games, their jaws are not made like the Bully breeds for instance.

Toys that crinkle can be fun since they have a different noise and texture.

For the little puppies, especially when they first come home, a stuffed toy is recommended. This will be their first time away from their mama and siblings, and they’re used to cuddling and resting their head on their mom or sibling. So, having a soft, cushy stuffed animal in the crate with them will help them feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

My dogs love these smallish donuts for some reason. I think it’s because they’re small and easy to carry around, plus they have squeakers!

The KONG Knots are fantastic. I love them! They look like a stuffed critter but the body inside is made of rope, with a couple of squeakers here and there. It really takes a beating and the pups have a blast playing with it.

Nylabones are awesome, too. They have several types of hard bones of all shapes and sizes that are perfect for teething puppies or those dogs who love to chew. Keep an eye on any chew toy. If you see lots of shavings coming off, throw it away. It’s just not durable enough and they can ingest those little pieces. One that’s pretty cool is one that looks like a T. The pup can hold it still with his paws and can gnaw on the part sticking up. Great for cleaning teeth!

Toys with a tough canvas, plastic-type hide can be great, too.

In general, balls of various sizes and ropes are good to have on hand. Just think about the size of all your dogs before getting a small ball. A small, textured ball is perfect for a puppy, but it could be too small for a big dog to play with safely. Likewise, keep an eye on any rope toys. Some will come apart fairly easily and it’s easy for them to eat.

And, don’t feel like you have to pay too much for a toy because it’s possible it’ll be destroyed pretty quickly.

I wash all my toys every two weeks to once a month depending on the season and weather. Sometimes I’ll put half away and when I bring them out a month or so later, it’s like Christmas! They love it!

We hope this information on toys helps you pick out fun, safe toys for your munchkin! What are some of your favorite dog toys?

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