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The Ups and Downs of Being a Breeder

One of the sweet people who follow us on Instagram sent me this poem saying that when she saw it, it reminded her of Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles. It moved me so much that I wanted to share it with you all. :-)

Usually, I only post the fun, happy things about our puppies and our breeding program. But, as rewarding as it is, this line of work can also be heartbreaking. This poem came at the perfect time and brought tears to my eyes, you see, because we had just lost a sweet little girl puppy.

While rare for us, every now and then, a puppy fails to thrive. It’s as natural as in the human world or in the plant world -- some little living beings just don’t make it. The mommas try their best and when they sense the pup isn’t thriving they devote their energies to the healthy ones. Brad and I step in and do everything within our power to bring the puppy around. We bottle feed, we use heat lamps, we hold them on our chests for body heat feeling their tiny hearts beating against ours. We make vet trips as needed. We spend however long is necessary with them, caring for them, loving them.

It’s so very upsetting when we lose them and lots of tears are shed. It never gets easy. I know being a breeder is controversial to many. Criticism is high and it’s risky posting something like this, but we always try to be transparent and educate folks about all things puppy.

We love all of our dogs and each puppy immensely. And, we love all of our Fine and Dandy families. We will always work diligently and passionately to bring you the best, the healthiest, and the most beautiful Mini Aussiedoodles around. Likewise, we will also always work diligently and passionately to find the best families for our pups to call their own.

So, yes, definitely hug your dog today. I know I'll be hugging all of mine!

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I just saw this. I’m so sorry Laney and Brad. 🥲

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