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What’s So Fine About Fine and Dandy Dogs?

Ever wonder what is so fine and dandy about our Fine and Dandy Dogs? We’ll let our FADA families share why! Here are three common comments we receive about our Mini Aussiedoodles in particular, although folks say similar things when they are lucky enough to get one of our retired moms (Mini Australian Shepherds) or dads (Moyen Poodles). This is part one of a series on what makes our dogs so special.

My Mini Aussiedoodle pup has transitioned so well into the family dynamic. He’s learned to use his crate so easily and has been a breeze to potty train. Why is that?

Our state-of-the-art breeding program is the main focus on the Fine and Dandy farm. The daily routines, structure, and love each puppy receives make them well-rounded, confident, and adaptable. At 5 weeks old, the pup is introduced to a crate and learns it is a safe place rather than a form of punishment. He learns that there is a nap every day and that being in the crate for this quiet time is okay. Doing this teaches them that every day is not one big hyper party where they do whatever they want.

The potty training is smooth, too, largely because of the crate training but also because of our daily routines and timeline. The pups are already on a schedule, so when they go to their new homes, they are often kept on a similar schedule for a while, allowing them to assimilate into the family's routine schedule easily. Boundaries and clear expectations make life better!

Wow, my puppy doesn’t mind when I touch his feet or ears. I can trim his nails and groom him pretty easily! 

Fine and Dandy dogs enjoy full-time care, including puppy therapy, where we rub their paws and ears and trim their nails. We love on and pet each and every dog here every day so that usually makes baths and vet visits go very smoothly. How we work with the puppies develops into a great foundation for basic and advanced obedience training.

My veterinarian commented on how healthy, strong, and well-behaved my Mini-Aussiedoodle is. Why do you think that is?

We’ve heard that from various vet offices as well. I feel it’s due to the intention and purposeful breeding we do when we select the moms and dads. And, it’s also due to the high level of care and the quality of life that a Fine and Dandy dog has. Great lineage, clean facilities, plenty of exercise and playtime, high-quality food, and an introduction to training all contribute to making such wonderful dogs. We have a couple of FADA families who have gone on to have therapy dog certifications, and both of the therapy training programs said that the Fine and Dandy dog was one of the best to train!

We are so thankful for our FADA families and love making happy, satisfied families! Stay tuned for more blogs on what makes Fine and Dandy Dogs so Fine and Dandy!

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