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Why the Aussiedoodle?

Grey mini aussidoodle in North Carolina

Out of all the dogs I could have chosen to breed, why did I go with an Aussiedoodle?

Well, I grew up with an Old English Sheepdog who I loved dearly. I loved his adorable, soft, shaggy coat! He was such a fun, cool-looking dog.

Then, once I was a bit older, I discovered Australian Shepherds and, a bit after that, Poodles. I found the work ethic and problem-solving skills of both breeds to be exceptional.

When I was researching and studying the art of breeding dogs, I learned I could carefully blend Mini Aussies with Moyen Poodles to achieve the look of an Old English Sheepdog while keeping the workability, agility, and smarts of the Aussie and the Poodle - all wrapped up in a medium-sized package! **Cue the angelic voices**

Aussiedoodle puppy in North Carolina

And, just like that, a life-long love of the Mini Aussiedoodle was born. I spent endless hours studying genetics and how to achieve this perfect dog. I’m happy to report we have succeeded in creating gorgeous, healthy family companions who love to do what their people do. Our Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles are always up for the task and ready for adventure!

Our Aussiedoodles are on the upper end of what is considered mini-sized. Adults will typically weigh about 30 pounds and are about 18 to 19 inches tall. Puppies are found in loving homes across the United States and are known for their unique coats, fantastic personalities, and willingness to work. :-)

It’s important to note that not all Aussiedoodles, or Aussiepoos as they are sometimes called, are created equal. Sure, you might be able to find one for less money, but their coat may be very different and more like the Aussie’s than the perfect blend of Poodle coat, which means you’re still likely to have a pup who sheds a lot.

Black and white mini aussiedoodle in north carolina

Also, we build our lives around and make life decisions based on what is best for our dogs. Our momma dogs all get along, and we all live together. We even moved across the country so our dogs could live in a healthier climate where they can run and swim often. Our Fine and Dandy Farm even has a huge barn for all things dog, and we’re in the process of building a doggie playground and an agility course! We train and work with our adult dogs and with each litter of puppies.

Puppies are old enough to go home at 8 weeks old. Prior to that 8-week mark, the puppies learn a great deal from their mother, their siblings, and my family. We introduce puppy therapies that get them accustomed to being touched, examined, and groomed. And, we take them through exercises that help them increase body awareness, balance, and inner ear sensations so they are less likely to get motion sickness when traveling. We also introduce them to crates and doggie doors. Our dogs, adults and pups alike, are fed very high-quality dog food that keeps them strong and healthy throughout all life stages.

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished and love to match awesome dogs to awesome families! We look forward to helping you find your next four-legged family member!

Brown Aussiedoodle in North Carolina

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