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Absolutely Not!

Do we offer a co-ownership program for our adult dogs as a business practice? Absolutely not!

This is a growing trend that many breeders are using as a way to grow their breeding program while maintaining lower costs and less time commitment for business operations.

Generally, “co-owning” a dog is when a breeder loans an adult dog of breeding age to someone else to take care of but retains the rights to breed that dog. Sometimes it is called "fostering," which can get confused with the fostering-to-adoption practice that most of us are familiar with. Co-owning, or fostering for breeding purposes, can look many different ways, and there is usually a contract involved stating the specific details. The co-owning/fostering idea is that the breeder maintains ownership until they are done breeding the dog. At that time, the family will then own the dog.

It can sound like a win-win, right? The breeder can save all the money and time in providing for the care of and space for the dog while still being able to sell the puppies. It can be a great profit margin! And the family gets a dog for “free” as long as they hand her over every few months to have babies. Some breeders will allow the dog to stay with the family as she gives birth.

Are there breeders who have done this successfully? Sure -- from what we can tell by outer appearances. I’m not here to criticize other breeders, but I am here to share why we do not participate in this type of breeding program.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that it brings up too many unknowns and variables to be able to confidently provide stellar care for all the dogs and produce healthy, solid puppies that I’d feel confident in giving to someone. Loving families trust Brad and me to know all about our dogs so we can match the best pups to their specific family environments.

That is why we and all of our dogs live on the same property. We know everything about each one of our adult dogs and each puppy. We are on the job 24/7 and rarely leave. If we do leave, we have staff that come in to work. We monitor food intake, energy levels, poop consistency, playtime, sleep time, bath time, whelping time, and everything in between.

We know our dogs' personalities and, therefore, know what characteristics puppies are likely to have. This is what enables us to make such great matches with puppies and pet parents.

When fostering or co-owning a breeding dog, disagreements can pop up regarding health care, what food to feed, training or disciplining practices, whelping, and so much more.

At Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles, we began as a small hobby breeder working from inside our Las Vegas home. And we’ve grown and evolved into an elite breeding program located on several beautiful acres in North Carolina. Everything we do is above standard, and we are incredibly proud of that designation. All of the hard work and immense love we’ve poured into our passion for providing amazing Mini Aussiedoodles to sweet, active families warms our souls.

Interested in adding one of our Fine and Dandy Ausiedoodles to your life? If so, we welcome prospective FADA families to visit us at our state-of-the-art facility in Canton, North Carolina. We love to share how our quality lifestyle and care create quality dogs!

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