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The New FAD Canine Connection Service

We’d like to introduce you to our new Fine and Dandy Canine Connection service—where we help connect great dogs with great people!

Throughout the years of being in the puppy business, we’ve had the opportunity to meet many other folks in pet-related businesses, including fellow breeders. Sometimes these relationships put us in the perfect position to help people, dogs, and families alike! Dogs or puppies could be returned to a breeder for whatever reason, or the breeder may be adjusting their breeding program, or maybe they are helping someone else out by rehoming a dog in need.

cute aussiedoodle in North Carolina

Through this outreach arm we call FAD Canine Connection, we’ll help connect great dogs with great people! This can be a great opportunity for families to find wellbred dogs for discounted prices!

Awesome, right? If you’re interested in keeping tabs on this, all you have to do is follow our special Instagram to stay up to date. We’ll be posting the available dogs and the information we know about them there @FAD_CanineConnection.

See you on Instagram!

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