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What’s So Fine About Fine and Dandy Dogs? Part 2: Our Breeding Standards!

Cute mini aussiedoodle in christmas scarf for post about Breeding standards.

Ever wonder what is so fine and dandy about our Fine and Dandy Dogs? Last week we shared three common comments we get from new FADA families (read it here). In part two of this series, we’ll discuss another great reason our Mini Aussiedoodles, Poodles, and Doodles are so fine and dandy. Our breeding standards! The quality of life and high level of care we provide is second to none.

I live and breathe this fine and dandy dog life. Yes, it is a huge amount of work, but I love it and believe that our awesome puppies and dogs have and will continue to make a difference in this crazy world. 

Since the dogs and I live together, I know each of them very well -- their personalities, behaviors, habits, everything. That intimate knowledge allows me to carefully match breeding pairs to produce the desired outcome in the pups. The fine and dandy focus perfectly combines personality, size, and coat color. We look for solid, adaptable, fun dispositions in the 25-35 pound range for our Mini Aussiedoodles. 

The Fine and Dandy team works together to provide 24/7 on-site care for our dogs. Our farm and facilities are clean, and all dogs are exercised and bathed. All of the dogs are socialized and receive some level of training and therapy. We even have a full-time trainer on staff so that we can accept more dogs into our training program! 

Cute mini aussiedoodle puppy pile.

The dogs are vaccinated, fed high-quality food and treats, and basically have access to the whole estate, depending on their age. The dogs are encouraged to explore and play in safe, age-appropriate outdoor areas, whether a fenced-in playground area, a river, or a sizeable couple-acre field to run and play!

Not every dog leaves at 8 weeks old. Some stay with us for up to nine months. But that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the dog. People tend to get dogs according to breaks in their schedules, which means there are natural seasonal fluctuations. The longer a dog stays with us, the more training she receives, so their value actually increases rather than decreases.

We also have an active social media presence where we share the Fine and Dandy life and educational tips that hopefully help any pet parents who watch our videos or read our blogs. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fineanddandyaussiedoodles and check our website often.

We are so thankful for our FADA families and love making happy, satisfied families! Stay tuned for more blogs on what makes Fine and Dandy Dogs so Fine and Dandy.

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