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Sharing the Value of the FADA Breeding Program and Puppy Care

Sometimes, people are curious about the expenses of running the Fine and Dandy breeding and puppy care program. I appreciate the question and am excited to give you a behind-the-scenes peek!

Many times, folks just want to know the price of the dogs before they know anything about the Fine and Dandy way of life. However, those who follow Fine and Dandy Aussiedoodles discover that my standards are extremely high and that programs like mine are not found everywhere. My Fine and Dandy Puppy prices range from $2,000 to $4,000. 

The puppy standard of care starts when our mothers conceive. Diets are changed for the puppies and mothers. Moms are pregnant for nine weeks. Depending on the mom, puppies are sometimes nursed until the day the puppy leaves. 

It is essential to ensure mom consumes the correct amount of calories, protein, and good fats for her and the puppies. This is happening for mom and puppies even as we transition into meals for our puppies and introduce a quality diet as soon as their teeth come in.

All of this requires time, money, love, and care, and all contribute to the overhead of running my Fine and Dandy operation. Once people visit my farm and see how my program works, they never hesitate. The value is there and never questioned. This is an excellent example of “what you see is what you get.”

The nationwide average price of puppies has increased. They aren’t inexpensive anymore. Gone are the days when breeders asked for $200 to $300 to $500 per dog.

I believe prices will continue to increase, but I hope that with that, the quality of care in the breeding industry will increase as well. When I decided to start my program, my goal was to raise the bar in quality of care and lifestyle in a breeding atmosphere, and I believe I have accomplished this.


Yes, there are backyard breeders or hobby breeders who charge premium breeding prices without putting the time and care into their operations. This is definitely a BUYER-BEWARE situation! Always be alert and ask lots of questions. Buyers are becoming savvy enough to know what to look for in quality breeding.

I wholeheartedly stand by my high-quality standards, state-of-the-art facility, and rigorous workload, which allow me to produce exceptional puppies and provide outstanding care for all the animals who live with me. 

This is not a hobby business for me. When I started this venture, I decided that if I were going to do this, I would make a difference in the industry. I have set newer, higher standards in breeding, raising puppies, and caring for dogs. It’s a labor of love (in more ways than one!) that I eat, sleep, and breathe. 

The momma and daddy dogs, and, of course, the puppies, live with me on several acres along the Pigeon River in Canton, North Carolina. My dogs sleep, rest, play, and bathe in a customized building that is heated for the winters and air-conditioned for the summers with all the creature comforts like hot water, clean crates with blankets, and plenty of toys and treats. They have their own laundry facility and wash/grooming station. My team and I wash at least 16 blankets every single day. That’s a lot of bustin’ suds, y’all! 🙂

I have invested in improving my property, installing safely fenced yards, and providing equipment and supplies—from kennel run areas for the inside and bedding and washing stations to toys, treats, play yards, custom dog jungle gyms, and everything in between. And, let me tell you, getting the fencing just right was a pricey process of trial and error. Who knew these wiley little turkeys would climb fences like monkeys??

Curious about our Fine and Dandy expenses each month? Utilities cost about $600 per month, and dog food costs (PER DOG) are $100 - $150 per month. Vaccinations, probiotics, and other supplements cost another $100 - $200 per dog monthly. And these are just a few of the regular costs.

I also employ two full-time team members to make all this magic happen. These sweet ladies help me keep the buildings, sleeping quarters, yards, and dogs clean. We follow strict schedules for cleaning and feeding every day and have routines for playing, socializing, training, and resting the dogs. The dogs expect and love their daily routines. (That’s one reason we recommend developing your own routine once you get your puppy home.) 

It takes a lot of financial investment, time, and hard work to keep this place rolling and everyone happy and healthy. This routine care is also why older pups are not “cheaper.” I continue to provide all the love, time, care, and training, thus actually adding to their value, not decreasing it.

My program involves careful planning and science. I study each dog's genetics. Yes, genetic testing is another cost that is part of the program. The days of buying puppies from a pet store window or a cardboard box at the corner grocery store are gone. People are educating themselves and desiring to be responsible buyers. 

Breeders need to take on more responsibility, have their dogs tested genetically, and be willing not to breed a dog if something comes up on those tests that could be passed to the puppy and cause a serious health issue for the litter. 

I carefully select the mom and dad based on their genetics and personality characteristics to produce a particular size, look, and demeanor. My specialty is producing medium-sized Aussiedoodles and Poodles with beautiful coats and fantastic, adaptable, happy personalities.

In the future, we will see more accountable breeders and breeders making scientific investments to learn more about their dogs' genetics. Combining these things with a quality diet and lifestyle can be an expensive process, but it is so worth it!

As far as daily operations go, my Fine and Dandy team of dogs and puppies are not locked in cages for the vast majority, or all, of their day. My dogs play and run and enjoy the outdoors much of the day, and each receives one-on-one attention daily.

The momma and daddy dogs are kept on the premises. They are my family members, and anyone interested in one of my pups can visit the puppy and the parents. Folks are welcome to tour the property to meet me, meet the dogs, and see the environment. 

My Fine and Dandy families are vetted before buying, and I don’t just let anyone buy a dog. I have an extensive application process, including an interview and a lengthy policy that every new pet parent must agree to. Interviews can be in person or via Zoom. These talks allow me to learn more about the potential new future FADA family while also giving them the opportunity to ask questions about my Fine and Dandy operation. 

Nowadays, people care about the puppy-buying experience and want to know more about where the animals come from and how they are treated. This is what I offer. I offer top-notch living accommodations for all my animals and work very hard to have the healthiest, happiest pet parents and puppies. Many clients become friends, and I’m always here for support and questions at any time. 

Interested in bringing one of my amazing puppies into your home? My website offers a ton of information. Check it out, and be sure to follow FineAndDandyAussiedoodles on Instagram and Facebook. I’m excited to answer any questions you might have!


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